Monday, August 01, 2005

Its another boring day. Nothing in particular's exciting. I started this week with hopes. Hoping that my phone will ring and being called up for interviews. But apparantly, it didn't ring. *Sigh*

Wanted to pay my Starhub Maxonline bill this morning. But was just so unlucky that the Post Office is moved to somewhere else. Grr.. I have to make another trip to somewhere else to pay my bills... Grr..

Was browsing my 'trash' at home and I saw this. This is the last thing, i guess, i bought from NTU, Nanyang Supermart. I bought this on 23rd July (Sat of OC) 2005. I was having sunburnt. So burnt that I needed this terribly, to cool my arms. I can't bear to peel off that price tag. I guess I really really miss school.

Another thing I missed - My Green Nalgene water bottle. Its missing since 22nd July. My 1.5 yr-old bottle.. I'm still wondering where it could be. By elimination, there is nowhere it can possibly be. ECP is first to be eliminated, cause my friend reminded me about bringing my bottle down later as I had already forgotten abt it once. On our way back, we drop by for a short lunch which I rem clearly that I didn't take my bottle along. Back in hall, I headed straight to hall office to 'declare' lost of keys and to claim a new one for temp use. So there is a possibility there. But I get my friends to ask, it is not in hall office. So where is it????? I can't find the answer. The only answer I have in mind - My friend's car has a hole.

Tmr is a new day to waiting phone calls again. I'm going to pay my bills tmr, purchase my contact lens stuff, and in the evening, tuition at Bishan. Thats my day tmr. =)

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