Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015. End.

The year 2015 has been another drama one. But it ended well. 

Notes to remember for the year 
- Friends come and go. There is no good or bad friends, just people you had to go through some things with. 
- There is more to life than work and petty arguments. If one day, God decides to take back one of your basic survival capabilities, what does those work and petty quarrels meant? Nothing. 
- Love yourself. Very much. 

Many things took a turn for the better during the very last month of December. I am glad the 'old' me is back. The one with drive, with smiles, and with love. 

Friday, November 06, 2015

In love with oats...

... overnight oats to be precise! 

Oatnight oats with fruits
6 tablespoons of oats 
6 tablespoons of milk
2 tablespoons of yoghurt
1/2 tablespoon of chia seeds 

Mix them in a glass bottle and stir well. Close the bottle (not way too tight) and leave them overnight.

Next day, add in desired fruits (I have got a golden Kiwi, a banana and some golden raisins)

I used Quaker instant rolled oats, Magnolia fresh milk, Thick and Creamy Yoghurt in field blueberries, and organic chia seeds in this very first attempt. Shall try different versions of non-instant rolled oats soon. I know there are better alternatives than the fresh milk and yoghurt that I am currently using as they are mainly still in some ways processed and sweetened food, but I am so not ready to give them up. Not yet. 🤔

Monday, August 31, 2015


It has been long time since I've experienced God's presence and God's miracle. It's like a way of telling me that he is here for me. 

I am drafting this on the plane (offline mode though). 

Flight delayed today. It was supposed to take off at 445pm, but didn't until 7pm. I went dinner, went for 2 glasses of beer, after which landed me in toilet. I went toilet with my cell phone in my hand. I lay it at a corner of the cubicle while finishing my toilet business. I left the toilet without my phone. 

I went to the counter, hovering around it to check the status of the flight. A fellow Singaporean man came and told me that my bag zip wasn't close. I thanked him, zipped it and feeling unsecured, got a seat to further check my personal belongings. To my dismay, my phone was not in my bag. I am contemplating whether to re-search my entire bag or be confident it is inside but just somewhere. I don't know why, but I headed to the man who told me about my zip. I asked if he had seen the zipped open right from the start and told him I seem to have lost my phone. I instinctively asked him if he had a China cell phone number to be able to call my China number too. He did and nothing is vibrating in my backpack when he did. 

He told me the phone is still ringing. I rushed to try the restaurant. But I recall coming out of it, still surfing Facebook. I turned and headed for the toilet, rushing to the cubicle I went. Nothing. I saw a cleaner and asked her. She plugged out my cell phone from her pocket, though she procrastinated before doing so. She probably am convinced that I am confident and that the cell phone is actually still ringing in her pocket. (Fellow SG guy helping to dial profusely) She handed me my phone. I couldn't recall if I did thank her, but my ringing cell phone is safely in my hands. 

I came out to the waiting area, to the man who helped me as he is still dialing to my phone. We both are rather amazed the phone is back (given the country we were in) when I left it in the toilet. 

When I get settled down, and recalling the details, I can't help but feeling amazed. 

a) God places a man with initiative telling me my unzipped bag. 
b) God gives this instinct to check bag for missing items.
c) God prepares me. I unknowingly memorized my China number and to have him call my cell phone. (Probably after re-entering my number a lot of times for uber account) 
d) God input memories to help me recall that I was surfing Facebook when I am out of the restaurant. 
e) God put things right with the cleaner. There is reluctance, there is hesitation. But she handed me it. 

Psalm 55:22-23 NIV
[22] Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. 

[23] 2But you, God, will bring down the wicked into the pit of decay; the bloodthirsty and deceitful will not live out half their days. 

But as for me, I trust in you …

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Joy of the Lord... (Or rather the lack of it)

People used to occasionally wish each other 'May the joy of the Lord be with you'. In the past, I viewed it essential but not as something which can be that desired. Not that I think it is unimportant, in fact, I very much feel that 'Joy of the Lord' is part and parcel of everyone's life.

Last Thurs, I attended 'His Life, the musical' after 3 years being away. And for the longest times, His joy came upon me. I could not say it fills me, because ultimately, it depends on a person's relationship with God to have that joy overflowing in life. I've lost that 3 years back, and I haven't build a new one. I cannot describe how much I need this joy. 

Last 3 years have been tough. I depend on relationship with people, on material fulfillment, earthly pride to sustain 'happiness'. Yes, I do have temporary earthly happiness. But none can withstand strong tide, human lies, betrayals, etc. I look back and I gained nothing but a truckload of unnecessary sadness. I could have done better in my workplace, in my personal development, in my health, if I would have held on to the right things. I could only say it was of 3 years of my life. 

I know what it takes to bring back all those joy I had, confidence I used to own and love I used to share. I need to rebuild the lost relationship with God. I need to have 'Joy of the Lord' be with me, now and forever. 

Find my smile back, through the hands of the Lord.

Friday, June 26, 2015






一句话。 清者自清。

Friday, June 12, 2015

Small Chill Out at Gravity Bar

A small chill out before the final work day of the week. Okay, small chill is an understatement. 4 glasses of alcohol. Hmm.... The ambience at Gravity Bar at Carlton Hotel Singapore is pretty nice. The soothing songs and soothing wine...there is no other better way to unwind.. 

Life should be this pretty. Always. 😊

Thursday, June 11, 2015


又一个半年过了。能让我感到骄傲的是我走出了痛楚,看明了心静如水。也许这就是人家说的“时间总会冲淡一切”。虚度了两年,流失了宝贵的光阴。原本这两年应该是有干劲,有冲刺,有成果。可是被乌云蒙面,蒙眼。虚度宝贵年华。虚度 - 闭幕。

一个月前,似有人把我给窍开了脑袋,把我从虚度迷幻中带回来现实。这两年我忘了为了我自己。忘了照顾自己。回首时,没人在意,没人心疼,没人感激。换来的是我的虚度,我的宝贵时间。是时候为自己。自己- é†’了。

Wednesday, December 31, 2014



Sunday, October 05, 2014



在快乐时,人的善良,宽厚的那一面会浮现出来。那自私的那一面呢?就在利用价值没有了,情意淡了, 人的可怕自私一面就出来了。

从一个值得信任,值得无私付出努力的人,变成了一个我已不认识的人。而很多人与人的情意,一旦破裂,之前的关心,ä¿¡ä»»,友好,都毁于一旦。也许这就是所谓的“没有不散的宴席” - 好事不常在。 

很人觉得人最低点, 就是没钱的日子。其实人生最悲的是“有钱都解决不了问题”的时候。我最穷的时候,是我人生最精彩的一段日子。 而我最低的时候,是我丰衣足食,却无力爬起的时候。

终究是自己。虽然有的是朋友的支持,要有爬起来的毅力,始终靠的还是自己。Trust no one. 

这blog没记载这一年半的事件。这一年半过得很没意思。因为一时贪玩的抉择,惹上一系列无法自拔的不开心。 若能让我再选择,我不愿走这条路,我愿保留客套关系。我只能说一年半前的我很轻易相信任何对我好的人。现在明了几句名言:
a) 对你好的人不一定是好人。
b) Trust no one
c) 学着爱惜,疼惜自己。
d) 很多情,好事,都会有期限。




Saturday, February 02, 2013

End of a short tenure

I ended my short tenure with Medtronic.

Well wishes. 
It is a period I wouldn't say I will look back fondly, afterall, I did not accomplish a lot. I did forge some friendship, and some of those touched me during my short stay. 

All in all, it all ended. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Joy on the outside; Gloom in the inside.

January seems to fill with joy on the exterior and little gloomy deep down inside.

I should be happy. I have an exciting year to look forward to, a new job nature I have been looking forward to, a Korea vacation in less than 2 week's time. 

But there is an aching gloom inside. Maybe I should have done this. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. 2012 hadn't been a pleasant year. If I were to summarize, I would say it showed me facets of humans. Maybe it is to strengthen me for what is next. Maybe it is to teach me tame my spite. 

While I am glad for what God has provided and directed, I am feeling remorse and regretful of the incompleteness and leaving the team when they are at weakest. As much I tell myself that all these are destined, I cannot deny that this tugging ache lurks, strongly. 

As January comes in a closure, the month marks 2 other important events. My best buddy's wedding. A sudden passing on of a friend. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reflections 2012

Its the end of year 2012. The year I turned 30. The year with varied emotions. 

1. I haven't been really consistent if you ask me for a honest reply. 
2. I was baptised this year. :) 

1. Swimming is on-and-off. Running stopped almost completely. 
2. No major health issues. As usual, no sick leave this year. 
3. Ageing continues.

1. The house wiped clean everything. Now, I'm starting to build savings from scratch. 
2. Good increment helps. 

1. There are ups and there are downs. 
2. I need my share of challenges.
3. My current bores me quite a bit.

1. Generally, relationships were maintained. 
2. Some misunderstandings occur.

1. Switzerland business trip was good. The bonding between colleagues is priceless. 
2. US is a little disappointing. But still, the shopping is best on earth. 

1. Reading is slow, probably less than 8 books this year.

All in all, the year has been rather plain. I wished for more. And hopefully in 2013, I will accomplish more.

Good bye 2012.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The big 30

Thanks all for the lovely birthday wishes, gifts and time. It marks my 30th year on earth. It marks my one year anniversary of my humble abode. For all these, I thank God. I wish my joy and love continue to bring blessings to you, my friends.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Poulet at Bugis+

A random Saturday and not sure where and what for lunch. Combed Bugis+ and chanced upon Poulet - Amazing French Roast Chicken.

So here are what we order:
1) French Onion Soup
2) Sautéed mushrooms
3) 1/2 Chicken
4) Tiramisu
French Onion Soup

Sauteed Mushrooms

1/2 chicken


All are generally good. It isn't expensive and the chicken is pretty good for the price! Worth a visit surely!

You can find them at
201 Victoria Street, Level 4, Bugis+

Japan Nov 2010 - Tokyo

Tokyo is next! The capital city of Japan.

We took a shinkazen back to Tokyo and start to hunt for our hostel - Weekly Mansion Ueno. It is a simple one, affordable priced and good location. Compared to the one we stayed in Osaka, this is slightly smaller and run down. Tokyo isn't a cheap city, so this is still within expectation.

Another nice bento at train station

Ueno is a pretty nice place to stay. A shopping district with many small stuff to explore. Ueno consist of cultural places, museums, arts, zoo, urban shopping, etc.

Ueno map

This shop is somewhat unique. You pay 1000yen, he will drop all sorts of candy and cookie into the bag! Its random! I remember watching this in travel documentary. But seeing it in life is equally fun!
1000yen candy shop

Met up with a colleague who also stayed in the same hotel for dinner together! Ramen is always the choice! 

The next day, we headed to Meiji Shrine!

Map and simple explanation of Meiji Shrine

Barrels of wine
French wine
Bourgogne Wine collection - Friendship between France and Japan

It must have been a popular family portrait destination. Look at those lovely girls!

It is also a popular wedding ceremony place! We witness like 3 couples during our hour long stay around the shrine.

Wedding couple in their traditional costumes

After Meiji Shrine, we walked around Shinjuku and Harajuku. These are very places with younger crowd. And on the way, I bought oden. Oden is like Singapore's yong tau foo, but it is available in ALL convenience stores and it tastes lovely! 

Since this oden treat, I am hooked on Oden. I had it EVERY night. It's not cheap, its about 300yen for 3 items, SGD$5.00.

Crepes are Harajuku's specialty with its young crowd. How can we not try one? As usual, I had chocolate banana, always my favourite combination. Its about 500yen each, SGD$8.00.

Never go wrong with Choco Banana
Dinner at Shinjuku is a problem. Not that it is lack of restaurants, there is TOO MANY restaurants to choose from. Sadly, the one we chose didn't taste very well. 

I had my Oden again, anyway. :) 

Next day, rise and shine, we had to Tsukiji market! It was a walk from the metro station, but nothing difficult with the comprehensive road signs. Check out the logo at the road sign! You can't get lost even if you can't understand english, japanese or chinese!

Tsukiji market is famous in Tokyo for its fresh seafood. Its a must visit, though I may or not may go back. It isn't cheap. These are the 3 very popular stores for satisfying the taste bud. 

It took the 4 of us very long to decide if we want to queue. After struggling, we decide that we should at least try. Here we go!
I want this!!

Really fresh!

Best I ever had. 
It cost me 2500yen, about SGD$50 for these. But it is the best I ever had.

After that, we tried to figure out how to we get close to catch glimpse of Mount Fuji without going all the way to Hakone. We randomly checked with train station managers, and we got suggestion to go to Lake Kawaguchiko.

We first have to travel to Shinjuku station where we take a train to Otsuki.

At Otsuki station, take the train location at the next station (get off the station and walk like 2 mins). We reached the railroad that is supposed to bring us nearest to Mt Fuji.

Road map of stations to Lake Kawaguchiku

Very cute train

Lake Kawaguchiku - 河口湖

From the cable car
We took normal trains, change trains and trains and ended up in a small town. Walked a little following the road signs to Lake Kawaguchiku. From there, there is a cable car to bring you up, and take a peek at Mt Fuji (if the clouds do not crowd around it, which unfortunately happens during the trip).

Breathtaking view from the top

A flyer on the cable ride. This is how it should look like. :) 

Mt Fuji is supposed to be at my back! But the clouds.... sigh....

 We stayed for a while, and left after the cold was too much and we need to catch a train back.

Good bye Lake Kawaguchiko!

Our last full day in Tokyo is spent in Disneyland.

Disney is self explanatory. So just short fireworks here. :)

Last day, we just do our last minute shopping in Ueno.

Japan - a place I'll revisit, anytime. (given enough budget)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Positivity Charging

Back from the very much looked forward trip to California. A little disappointed, and came back feeling a little morbid.

I shouldn't read too much into it. Am charging my positivity back to life. :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Japan Nov 2010 - Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe

This is over-due for many months. But well, its better to be late than never. So here it is! I went to Japan in Nov  2010 with my colleague. We've got free air ticket and so, here we go! :)

On United Airlines to Narita Airport
It was not a flattering flight for travel, given that it wasted the entire day on traveling with a 6 hour flight and a 4 hour bullet train to Osaka. We exchanged for the Japan Rail (JR) Pass which we paid in Singapore, then exchange for it at Narita Airport.

The JR pass is like a card which you can redeem tickets for bullet trains and for local lines, we just need to show the pass to get entry. So this are our Narita Express tickets to Shinagawa then from there, we take another bullet train to Osaka. The whole trip takes about 4-5 hours. (The lady at the JR ticketing advised us to transit at Shinagawa. Shinjuku station is way too complicated, especially so for tourist who just landed.)

And here is our Nozomi Train to Shin-Osaka
With us being hungry, we just grabbed a Bento at Shinagawa Interchange, but it proved to taste rather nice! (Note: The portion is huge for ladies)
Bento at 970yen! (~SGD15)
Then a 3-hour ride to Osaka. Far! But seems like a lot of commuters do travel this far.

Being first time traveling via Japan's railway system, there bound to be hit and misses. Some trains do not stop at each stations, and they marked them with triangles and circles for direction indication at the trains and at the platform. And soon after our bullet train reached Osaka, we had our first missed. The commuters are kind to help, but still, we ended up on a train to Universal Studios station.

Universal Studios is near a port, which is so chilly that we had to unpack luggage for our jackets (unglamly) at the station to keep ourselves warm. Still, we managed a picture!
Cold and chilly in Universal Studio Station, Osaka

By the time we reached our hotel, it was past 11pm. The hotel lobby closes at 12mn! We stayed at Hotel Chuo Oasis. It is a really nice clean hotel for the price we paid. Spacious, new, friendly, clean! A short walk from train station. Everything about it is nice!

It's definitely much needed rest for the entire day of various transportation.

The very next day, we headed for our Day 1 of Osaka! Our itinerary is to cover Osaka castle in the morning. Followed by Osaka Aquarium. And at night, a stroll through Dotombori.

So here goes the Osaka Castle!

The entrance ticket costs 600 yen (~SGD$10). It includes a museum walk, a historical screening, and the scenic view at the top floor.

Up next, we head to Osaka Aquarium. Pictures ahead!

The entrance fee, including the ferry tour, is at 2900yen (~SGD$50). It worth going, I say.

We headed for Dotombori for dinner.

This bowl of Ramen is heavenly. The best I had in the entire trip!
The Ramen cost 750yen(~SGD$12). But it is heavenly!! A stroll around Dotombori and back to hotel with hot crepes!

Up next, Kyoto!

We took an one hour shinkansen (bullet train) to this traditional old town - Kyoto. Itinerary of the day includes Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kinkakuji and Gion.

We did not read very much into these places, except knowing that Kinkakuji is a golden temple (They have the silver version too) and Gion is a popular Geisha area.

So we start of with Fushimi Inari Shrine. It's pretty easy getting there. After taking the shinkansen to Kyoto, take their local line to Inari Station. Just outside Inari station, you will catch the Fushimi Inari Shrine. :)

We naively though it wasn't too difficult to climb when all the elderly surpassed us. GOSH! It was so wrong! By the time we made it up, we were so warm from the climbing. *sweats*

A nice filling lunch. At 1150yen. (~SGD18).

After which, we took a train back to Kyoto station, where to took a bus to Kinkakuji!

Gion wasn't very interesting. Its more like a shopping street. No Geisha spotted. :(  Thats a day trip for Kyoto. Bye Kyoto.

Next day - Kobe!
We were having hopes this will turn out nice. But it was a little disappointing.

We went to Kobe specifically for the Arima Onsen hot bath. But well, it was living up to our expectations.

We did go to the hot bath. But its nothing fascinating. I have not been to the one at Hakone, but I am sure it'll be better in Hakone.

Being a little bored, we took a cable car to the healing forest of Arima. Nice scenic though.

A nice cone of ice-cream before leaving Kobe

Took a classic Japanese dinner in a restaurant with no customers. =_=''' Everything tastes nice is Japan. Yes, literally everything!

Bye Kobe

The day is still early and we went to Dotombori!

Heavenly food

And to Tokyo, we go! 

Good bye, Hotel Chuo Oasis. You served really well. And if I'm coming back to Osaka again, I will be back for you! :)

A little bit more on Hotel Chuo Oasis, they do have computers on their lobby of which internet access is available. Wifi is not strong in the room, but is strong in the lobby. The computers at the lobby closes at about 12mn. I do have work emails to reply urgently (in fact, I still remember the details of the project) in wee hours of the night, the only inconvenience is that I need to get my phone out to the lobby to use their wifi. It doesn't bother me much though. Coffee and tea is provided at lobby in the morning. It doesn't bother me that breakfast was not available since their convenience stores sells wonderful breakfast stuff.