Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So many things done today. Personal things that is.

First, I did my PR stuff. I managed to get my 'original' number. Those number that normal Singapreans use, the number from their birth cert. So.. I'm using my birth cert number. S8235XXXE. And not the normal PR number which starts with S827XXXXX. I like 'originality'. Haha. And also, from the IC number, u can 'gauge' the birth month of that person. They were amused to see me holding a Singapore Birth cert and applying for a PR. So ironic to them, but anyhow, I'm used to the amused look pple show when it comes to such matters of mine. I'm forced to re-take my picture as they claim that mine was too blur. And they also claim that my fringes are blocking my eye blows! Grrr... And I ended up with a super duper ugly pic in my IC! GRRRRRRR....... So when's the nxt time we can change IC? Haha! The procedure is more complicated than I expect. I reach at 830am. Queue for a number --> Wait --> Hand in form --> Wait as they dig out my file --> Hand in other forms --> Wait as they process --> Collect Entry Permit and passport --> Wait --> Fingerprint to be taken --> Wait --> Take photograoh --> Wait --> Collection slip. Each wait varies from 20-40 mins. In the end, I didnt manage to make it in time for work. Done Finally. But I have to go back one week later to collect my blur IC. And one more thing I wish to complain! its so expensive. $100 for an Entry Permit. $50 for a 5-Year Re-entry permit. $50 for IC. $50 for Medical Checkup. $250 in total. Wah~ That makes me $250 poorer and I'm left with $50 till my pay day. Please advise on how I shld survive.

Second, I meet Yong for lunch today. Called him early morning during the times I had to wait. He's the only person i can called to disturb since he's not working till some weeks later. Too bad, I woke him up in his midst of sleep and I decided I shld hang up since he's still 1/2 asleep. But he called later to jio for lunch. Haha. Yong, see, waking u up is for your own gd, you've got a companion for lunch and got a new watch at a really gd price. And yah, since I extended my leave, we went hunting for his watch at 'The Bencoolen'. And thanks to my sharp eyes, I spotted the watch he wanted. It wasn't easy, for many shops didnt carry it. Yong, please rem to pay my share of commission. Thanks! Haha!

My final look.. b4 I snapped my hair off! Keke!

Third, went to 寺马路观音堂 to make some prayers in the Chinese way. May god bless me with better luck in job hunting. Thank you.

Fourth, saw this MPE girl at Watson's Bugis and started chatting with her. She's someone I dun really know. I know she's my friend's friend. But anyhow, friendly me went up to her, chatted. And she's starting work next week! So happy for her! I did bump into her a few times in Toa Payoh. But didnt really get the chance to talk to her. Good to catch up with a friend like this and know that she's doing well. We had a pretty long chat. I really love NTU, esp MPE, in many ways. Everybody seems to be very integrated and very warming. Even if we might not even talk before in school, after graduation, we can still rekindle that bond. =) Great school, great pple.

Fifth, I start to find my hair a hassle. So... so... so... I'm having short hair now. It was an impromptu decision. But till now, I did not regret. Not quite used but I love the 'light' feeling. Careful and hassle-free. No more bad hair days!

Its work tmr again. *sulk*


gab said...

u shd put ur new image here mah , wht the use of having a digi cam so chio then nv take pics? haha
then hor
PR = permenant residence but if later u nv renew then no more permenent haha $250 for a permenent quite cheap issit? *consoling myself too*

jing xian said...

Ok lor.. I will.. specially for you! Haha...

Need to renew the $50 de lor. Every 5 yrs mah. Sigh. *v.broke* But well, at least, one thing settled. I can finally get a new hp line under my name. Haha!