Sunday, October 16, 2005

Spent my cozy day at home. Surfing net, playing gunbound, sleeping, stoning, TV-ing, etc etc. The usual Saturday activity has been cancelled for the past 2 weeks and probably, will be cancelled nxt week also. I'm fine with no activities but just hope my blading skills don't 'de-prove' will do.

There are obvious signs of me getting rounder, or rather v much rounder. My double chin is no longer possible to hide. Here are the clues.

Had dinner with Huijun at Bugis. I'm kinda addicted to hawker food. And I don't like Food Courts if u know me well. I rather have fast food for the price Food Court serves. They are so expensive, yet not living up to standards. I can confidently say that hawker/market food are definitely much better. The only minus point is the non-air-con and super poor ventilation. But sometimes, we are left with not much of a choice.

After dinner, a little shopping, and..... neoprints! Haha. Can u imagine? I hadnt play with it for like months. The last time I had fun with neoprint (the card form) was with Gabby I think. Quite a few months back I think.

My Scanner is spoilt.. So... Haha.. till I have time to sneak and use my office scanner for personal stuff...

I always bring my digi cam anyways. Haha!

I realised I'm far too tanned. Look at my neck and my face. Grrr.... Time to buy some whitening products!!!!

Sunday's cozy... Shiok!


Anonymous said...

omg u are so tan!!!!! can throw away all ur make up liao or give me oso can haha since i confirm fairer than u wahahha..
then i seriously think last card i took with u is that card where it leads to "permanent damage" to my wallet one and tht sound like dun know how many donkey yrs ago liao hahah...

jing xian said...

Auntie Gabby, pls note that it is already 4pm that is r posting this. *yawnz*

And no la, the last one we took is when u r having IA. Not v.long ago. Months back. The one which did perm damage to ur wallet is my 'pre-surgery Jing Xian'. keke!