Monday, October 31, 2005

:: Too Broke ::

Too broke for almost anything.

Went out with $100 in my wallet today. I'm back with $10.

I bought my 1st (or rather 2nd) perfume..
::::: Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea ::::

I bought the big bottle. I wasn't a perfume fanatic. But the price and smell made me buy it. I like green tea smell. Its a unique smell I feel. Price? i was over at 'Beaty Spring' (ex-Lee Hwa cosmetics) and it was retailing at $78. And after discount at $60. Sigh.. Sian 1/2. But I pop over to 'Pink Beauty', another shop nxt to it, it retails at $78 too, BUT the discounted price is $38.50!!!!! Its almost at 50% discount. And its the large bottle, the 100ml one. Thus, I bought it although I'm really kinda broke. Still, I'm a happy girl. =)

Bought a gold pendent and chain for this colleague new baby. A gift shared by the whole office.

My wish for my birthday would be getting a new job with a promising pay. The outside world is too tempting for anyone to resist.


Anonymous said...

Dun u even dare put on tht GREEN TEA perfume when u go out with me ! wahahhaaha

Anonymous said...

guess who ? * wink wink*

jing xian said...

I know. Its ur most disgusted drink. But drink and perfume different mah. I nv force u to drink my perfume leh. Wah ha ha ha~ I know who u r.. hahaha. =p