Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Loot!

These are what I got from an online spree!

They are from My Lip Stuff (http://www.mylipstuff.com/retailstore/nfoscomm/catalog/) and Lip Medic (http://www.lipmedic.com/).

My Lip Stuff is like a home-made lip balm, with so so so so many choices of flavor! But to play safe, I only get those highly raves ones. I bought Rainbow Sherbet, Margarita, and Sex on the Beach. And the reviews seems great. But I don't bear to start using them.

Lip Medic is a one-stop place to get great and cute lip balms. Burts Bee is one of the renowned brand, so I got 2 of them. There're cute ones like strawberry shortcake, snoopy, care bears, hersey's, mama coco, etc etc.

They cost me about $20. And they're all air flown from USA. Thanks to Les Dames (A new forum after the flowerpod saga) that I get to place my orders with this sweet girl named Daphne, who combined all the orders, placed them, receive them together, and send them via post to each and every of us. I'm so addicted to such spees. If only I'm not so broke now, I would have participated in the OPI spree! They only costs S$9 (USD$3.50 + shipping) each. If you are to buy OPI in Singapore, it will cost you a good S$20++++ per bottle!

I wanna my pay!! 2 more weeks to go for pay day!! Woohoo~


Sherline said...

u say wana jio me buy OPI one. y nv ask me? so sad liao :(

Anonymous said...


Check up the new Beauty Forum!!!
Set up by original FP moderators!!! :D


See u there!!!

~*~ HaPPY Chinese New Year!!! ~*~

Luv, MiniVV aka Vivien :)