Sunday, January 22, 2006

Nail for this week

Well well, drenched to get this template from cineleisure @ at higher price. So its a must to try it tonight. So these are my nails for this week. Its a little untidy cause it was done v.last minute at 9.15pm. ;p

Yesterday, I went shopping with Annie and Daphne. And I finally had Yuki Suki (Sushi). But awww.. its buffet. Its a little expersive at $24 after all the charges. BUT considering the food, I think its quite worth it. You can order anything priced less than $4.90. I had lots of Salmon Sashimi, soft shell crabs, little fried prawns, friend chicken, oyster (eeew!), and a whole lot more. It also serves free flow of drinks!! So for so much food, especially with the fresh Salmon, its worth that $24. But, ey, I'm now 2kg heavier. *Bleah! Shldn't have been tempted. * I saw few hall mates at FEP too - Sooyi, Zhiwei and Chwee San.

Went Bugis and orchard today. If you've been there too, you'll know whats the real meaning of crowded. *scary*

Work tmr. I wish for a better tml.

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