Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm so glad I still can skate after 5 months break. Phew.

And I think I can go alone the next time. Yes, ALONE. Boohoo. Singles can also enjoy activities alone. Friends for weekly skating activities have been deteriorating in numbers. Its only natural as pple do not stay constant as always. Everybody have the share in their own personal activities, especially when one starts to grow older. Change is the only constant.

Boring boring weekends. But I'm sure once I start skating alone, I will continue to go alone. Just like jogging. I do not deny that boring weekends made me feel a need for companionship. Not that I'm craving to be attached. But as long as a friend or two comes along and enjoy activities with me, I'm sure to welcome. But of course, he/she has to be of my click. Else, I rather be alone.

Was wondering what I shld do tmr. But was amused that there's a car show and test drive at NTU?? ntu??? *shrugs* Mum said so. Again, it might end up be an all-alone activity again.

I'm recharged. After the jogging in the morning and blading in the late noon, I had a great dinner at Geylang's 豆浆油条!! I simply love the 小笼包!! Yummy!!!

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