Sunday, August 06, 2006

Back after not blogging for 2+ weeks.

Was affected by some harsh words from a friend some weeks back, lost my appetite for food, and some eating disorder now. Maybe it shows how important friend is. Or maybe I'm overly emotional. But oh well, life still goes on. Everything's okay! :D

Back-date to last week..

27-07-2006 - MPE's graduation

Pictures speaks a thousand words.

Congrats all! :D

03-08-2006 - Hall 6 Master Dinner
If you ask me if I enjoyed it, I would say I enjoy seeing my old buddies, knowing that they are doing well in their fields. I wonder if the drink I ordered (Vodka Ribena) tasted nasty or God's at work. One mouth of the drink and it taste gross. Eeewwww..... The generation seems to be changing. So much open-minded than what we used to. The master D is getting more and more kinky as years go by. I still like the good old times. Simple fun.

05-08-2006 - Hoya Family Day
My company's family day @ Sci centre. I'm glad everything turn out well. I've been worrying about it for the past one week. But the event company made it quite smooth. Some pictures to share..

I brought Lihua along. We had fun inside Sci centre!

I love this picture most! Cause I cant stop laughing over it. I'm gonna put this as my desktop picture tmr!!! Sorry Chan! Its really v.classic!!!

Then it was simple shopping with her after that before Igo off to meet my ex-colleagues - Iris and Mariani.

Thought of the day:
Life is good. Thank God! I'm craving for more goodness to come. Thank God!

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tornado said...

yeah! I was also back after 3 weeks of no blogging. Wah, seems like u took more convo pics than me. lol.

God is good all the time!
All the time God is good!