Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pain in the heart

I, still, wake up with a pain in the heart. Everyday.

I found some words on a random blog and I revised it....
"The fish swam away. The fish that has been swimming around you everyday that you were trying to get hold of. The cute and sweet fish that you had been going after everyday, that you look at everyday, that you smile at everyday, that you poke fun of everyday, that you enjoy the companionship everyday, that you deeply care for everyday, that you dream of everyday, and that you long for everyday had swam away... "

"The only fish that you respect, that change some perception of things, that made an impact in your emotions."

It takes me longer time than usual to write my blog. I don't know to conceal or to reveal my emotions. I wish to share with my close friends and but I can only write in a discreet form for the internet has wide coverage.

The spirit of bitterness is leaving me slowly. I'm getting better. Just that when I write my entries, I tend to write about whats consuming me in my heart, body and soul. 'Coz the pain still bites.

Thought of the day:
How do I choose what I want to think?

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