Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Spirit of evil-ness took me. I sinned. And I crushed back having the spirit of bitterness consuming me. I can sense the rebellion of my stomach, that it says it doesn't want food.

Why am I so weak, spiritually, emotionally, mentally?

I never knew I'm so weak.

I wonder why did my 6th sense perform this good. I can predict what clothes he will wear. Please.. perform miracles somewhere better.

My relative invited me to a job vacancy, to a promising competitor of my current company/industry. How appropriate? Or inappropriate? A good escape for my current emotions.

But last Dec, when I was unemployed, I asked God to give me a job in my current company. I plea for His grace every night. He granted me. And I only suffer 1 month of unemployment. Ask and it will be given.

This time, I sensed a calling for me to reject. Though another msg just came from my aunt saying that the prospects will be good, I feel that God wanted me to stay.

Escape? or Persevere?

Thought of the day:
Forgive me and lead me to light.

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