Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My work desk

My bloggie has been deprived of pictures since... since... since.. months back.

Not that my camera is down or anything.

But well, just to entertain whoever reads my blog.. Here's my work desk!

But don't be deceived. Such neat table only happen like once in a few months. Haha! Sometimes, when I am meddling with machines, I get all the spare parts cramp on my table. And I'll just leave it so, until the day I decide to spring clean, then I'll move them to spare part room. So, this is the 'neat' version of my table when I finally decide to tidy up...when I do not have a choice. har har...

And someone drew this on my desk when I'm not around.. Hmm.. I really wonder who...*scratch head*
Har har.. I really wonder who drew this. Hahaha!!

Having quarterly presentation tmrw. I need tons of luck!

Plus I cried tears while watching a sappy drama... Gonna be a tiring day tmrw!

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