Sunday, February 11, 2007

My vision has been unstable. And I suspect it is due to too much light. I ended up wearing sunglasses as I face the computer. Too much light rays makes my vision blur. Grrr...

I find this flash from Yahoo Singapore kinda cute! Its a Valentine's day special. And SG Yahoo always have different clips for different season. Do catch it! I cant copy the flash clip, but this is a print screen of it!
Congrats Hall 6 for making the Sports Champ and Overall Champ! Finally!

It is just too bad I couldnt exercise for one week! If I could, I would have packed my nxt few days full of healthy events. It'll be wonderful to go blading alone on a weekday morning! Too bad!! Even a jogging on a fresh morning will be great enough for me.. but...but..but... *bleah*

2007 02 07 - Suki Sushi with Lileen...
This girl says that she feels like having Japanese food when she looks at me!! Haha! And whenever we go out tog, we'll have Jap food! So.... we conquered..

2007 02 08 - Food Tasting at Meritus Mandarin
The food is not too bad. But I wonder why the food on our 8 course menu dinner are all with gravy. -.-'''

And the companionship..

Food Ban. I imposed. On myself.

FYI, (from National Geographic, Feb issue)
Los Angeles has most single men. (40,000 more single men than women)
New York has most single women. (185,000 more single women than men)
Har har! You know where to spend your Valentine's Day? Hahaa! =)

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