Sunday, March 18, 2007

I love... cry... With my UOB card rewards, I've got free movie passes.. And watched this with my good buddy.. and we cried our eyes swollen.

And while she was saying how embarrassing for us if we were to meet people we know. Within minutes, we saw a couple whom we both know! People from H6 to be precise - Huijing and Chris. We hurried off, which was kinda rude. But we were, then, too embarrassed to be seen. 2 girls, v.swollen-eyed girls to be precise. Moral of the story - Don't watch such movies on a busy Sat night in town.

A good movie to allow tears to roll freely. Typical of Korean movies. A display of love and loyalty. *It makes me wanna cry again*

The work table is an indication of stress level.. at least for mine..

I can only.. SIGH...

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