Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Somehow, this week, I'm so looking forward to weekend! I need a good rest.

I was so very disappointed with myself on Monday. God, I'm sorry.

Life is still good. But I find myself very tired.

And the current book I'm reading - The fifth mountain by Paulo Coelho, is getting me hooked! This one is about faith, righteousness and love. I simply love books by Paulo Coelho!!! *warning: may be a bit spiritual*

I'm also addicted to renting DVDs!

Oh man! I can see a busy weekend!! Books to read.. DVDs to watch....

"The Lord heareth the prayers of those who ask to put aside hatred. But He is deaf to those who would flee from love" - The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho

(note: too tired to even write a proper entry. could only jot down sentences of the mind.)

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