Friday, June 01, 2007


During our weekly dept meeting, while our other colleagues were presenting CIPs, my dearest colleague (Shifu), wispher into my ear,

YW: "你觉得我们坐在这里有前途吗?“
JX: "Hmm..我不知道。 对女生可能更没有吧。"
YW: "Hmmm..." (无耐地露出微笑)
JX: "那要做什么才有前途呢?"
YW: (努力地想)
JX: "我想你也应该不知道。知道的话,你也不会坐在我旁边。"
YW: "也对..."

I have to agree that I'm a little confused and lost. I don't know what I want. But even I know, somehow, I lack the courage to go after what I want.

Quarter-life crisis......

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