Saturday, July 14, 2007

A very touching farewell....

I've got so much emotions I need to pen down.

Yesterday was Yong Wee's last day. A colleague I always respect and have fun with. Loads of fun I guess, with the 2 yr age gap, we click with pretty well. We had a big farewell event at Seafood Restaurant at Turf City.

The most touching part was that he was made to 'say a few words'. I guess, 'the few words' made most of our eyes nearly welling up with tears. We all know it has been a tough decision. in fact, months back, he did tell me over sms that he was feeling v.demoralised, and trying his best to find motivation. But, there is really little we could do.

He recalled the times during his first year when he is v.enthusiastic about everything. He worked OT on his 1st week of work, trying to familiarise the place and machines. The many midnight calls durng a period when sales is high and machine is not stable. Though tiring, these actually made him motivation and 'high' in the sense of achievement. The days when they went drinking till wee hours of the night (4am) and got midnight calls suddenly. They had to rush back, filthily drunk, yet, repair the machine. The never-failing support of manager, GL, engineers and technicians. Whenever there is a machine breakdown, you never fail to see many engineers and technicians to support. No backstabbing, no evil thoughts, no mean motive, we all work as a group, even if it means missing our meals, working late into the night (or even overnight).

On our boss comments, I guess he was too touched to say too much. But you can see tears welling up. Boss kept it simple and nice. We could only wish him well. I think, to have your boss and colleagues feel such touching and sad emotions when you leave speaks volume of a person.

(brr.. I'm already tearing when writing this...)

The farewell dinner

To me, I learnt a lot from him, although it is just a short 1.5 years of acquaintance. Probably due to the closer age gap, we click pretty well. His enthusiasm is probably the thing which made me 拜他为师. He was then later known to me as my 师父 and me as his 徒弟. Not only I learn things relating to work, but also things relating to God, character, qualities, financial stuff, etc etc. He always send me assurance sms, blessings sms, etc. I'm always receiving his blessing SMSes, even for small issues, trips, etc. A colleague who send MMS from the faraway mountains when he out on a mountain climbing holiday trip. The loads of fun we had, the jokes we crack, the things we tease each other, will always be in my memory. You left a deep footprint in me, my friend.

One of the many jokes which I always remember.
alvin: "Aiyoh, whats that blue-black on ur arm?"
yongwee: Stares onto my arm
me: "I fell down in my bathroom"
yongwee: "那你有没有骂粗话?"
me: -.-''

I miss you!! My 师父, my friend, my mentor.

We actually do not want the day to stop like that. So..we had round 2.... Durians, mahjong, UNO, DVD watching at Alvin's hse... all the way till 130am....

The mahjong and the UNO...

Amelia is too cute to resist!!! Cutie Cute!!! Made me feel like owning one!
And this noon, Yong Wee SMS came in. I believe it touched all. I was v.touched.
May he be blessed in his new job with favours from everyone he needed. Thank GOD for placing someone like him in my life. Thank GOD for giving me this combination of colleagues. Thank GOD for everything.

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Iris said...

Hi ger, saw your blog. Really nice to see your blog because it talk a lot on Hoya people. So familiar. I miss my times there too. I believe Yong Wee will be feeling the same way too right now.

I didn't know that you are so close to him. He must be so special in your life yah?? Even though he may not be physically in Hoya but I believe the friendship you have with him will last a long time. Treasure it yah..

Enjoy yourself. :)