Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Faded Memories....

Every year, I watch NDP's most boring part - The parade. Most people deemed it the most boring part, but to me, I only enjoy that part. All because I was once part of them.

And my mum happen to dig out this.

It simply reminds me the days. I always think the cadet uniform is erm.. so-so.. But the HQ uniform is pretty! The above is a HQ uniform. Tailored to fit, bronzy shiny buttons, nice fit at waist for a curvy shape. The short tight skirt gives a whole corporate look. It is damn chio I say.

My history with RCY (Red Cross Youth)

From cadet in secondary school to a HQ volunteer, I was with the Red Cross. I grew with it. Some most significant events are Evacuation Instructional Course (The course which I knew most of my friends). These friends continue to be good buddies of mine, so we continue the friendship in SYF'96. We met again in Asia Pacific Youth Gathering'97. Undaunting spirit carry us further into NDP'97. After 'O' Levels, we didnt just part. We carried on with the HQ as volunteer instructors. But we all lose track. We parted once we went uni. Sad, but that is how buzy-ness robbed our spirit away.

I miss my Red Cross friends. I really do miss all of you.

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