Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fast Learner

I had my appraisal today!!

Hmm.. An improvement. (But I think there's a general improvement for everyone) An up from about 74% to 78%. Happy enough I would say. Happy on the part when I score on 'fast learner'. Hahaha!! But I still need more motivation.

I guess I can be a fast learner as long as it stimulates my thinking. As long as it keeps my interest and attention, I can grasp it fast.

But then again, I think I'm still slower in my 'speech' powers compared to Leslie and Wendy. (Trinitarians know what I mean) I got shoot hands down sometimes! (Esp. Wendy!!) Hahaha!

It has been... a year.... since... .... .... ....

Thought of the day:
Sometimes, people says they'll call you back in the middle of the conversation. 99.99% of the time, they don't. Oh well......

Erm.... A 0.01% miracle happened today. =)

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