Monday, August 13, 2007

Hoya = Club Med ???

Random conversation with my colleague..

A: Told you it is tough outside. It is so good here. It is like (Bintan's) Club Med!!
jx: ..................

I have to agree I do enjoy working here. Though the satisfaction is v.much higher last time. Current satisfaction is mainly with colleagues. Colleagues (and my direct boss!) are wonderful. Even colleagues from other department are great people!!

Well... I'm still unsure of my career path. But I heading to these two:
1) Govt sectors (But only applicable to those which 'do good' to the society)
2) Hospitality industry

Oh well... Till God opens the door... Till then......

I was contemplating if I shld move my blog to livejournal. So that I could lock certain entries if I wished to. However, after some thoughts, and the id I wanted wasn't available, I dropped the idea. But again, it is mainly due to....

If I locked my entries and allow some to view, what will happen is..... those whom I will allow to read, will not even sign up an account with livejournal. So, in the end, they wont read it anyhow. I know my friends too well.. Some of my closer friend (For example Gab..) stays in the 'stones places'. She doesnt even have friendster. (Ok.. Maybe she doesnt even know what is friendster.) Chan has friendster.. (Ok, I signed up for her, you see....) But think there's less than 10 friends in her list. I guess I'm grateful I forced her to use msn years back.

Ok.. I think both of them will kill me after reading this!! :x But again, these close friends are usually a ring away.

So... I'll still stick to blogspot... My current blogskin is about 2 years old!!! How loyal I am. 2 years already and I still find my blog pretty!!

I'm now waiting for 530pm to come.. so that I'll meet Gab for dinner soon! We haven't meet for some real long time..... 1 week..... Hahahaha!!! No choice.. Someone's busy repainting her house and installing new doors!! I wished I could do that too!! Oh well.. Till I got my own house. (which I dont know when..)

Seems like this is a random entry. Out of my little random mind. In my little random world...

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