Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday bluesss..... This is kinda cute!! Haha! I got this from forwarded email.

心理测验 <<- Click to play!

This is what I score
1) 你的朋友不是很多。(Hmm.. You judge..)
2) 婚前你的异性朋友就一个。(Hmmm..........)
3) 你对工作态度比较一般。(Maybe.. Haha)
4) 你对爱情充满期待。(Maybe...)
5) 你的感情很专一。(Nod Nod)
6) 你时刻为他人着想。(You judge..)
7) 恭喜你有个共患难的恋人。(Nod Nod)

So... Yours?

I finally get to try TCC's food and coffee with Des. Brudder Des, you are the best... Always a call away... Always...since the days in school, breakfast, suppers, etc etc... A good balance between family, gf, friends and work. *salute*
Thanks man!! (I'm always a ring away too... to my best abilities.. haha)

Recently, my mood is like a sine curve... God, Help!!!

Sometimes, I feel that being online on MSN is robbing me of my time. I just can't help but keep on clicking on the contact list to see who is online. It is so so unhealthy. Maybe I shld shut it off. If I do, SMS to locate me.

I do think I'm addicted to the internet. There is a word for this 'illness', but cant exactly remember the word. I really need help in curbing this addiction...

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