Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sky full of Stars!!

Fireworks @ Marina Bay!

I won 2 pair of tix... Woohoo.. Fireworks!!! It is amazing how fireworks can erase a person's woes. =)

Yesterday's was from China. I heard friday's Spain was much better!! Ahh.. Should have went as well... Bleah!!

Saw someone at Citylink! Congrats!!!! *wink* (Not that I didnt know, in fact, I realised it one week ago. He asked me not to spread around, so... since you're nice to me, I shall abide that.) Still, congrats!!!

The companionship that made it completely fun...

You'll be my spare tyre and I'll be yours. Thanks!! On an extra note, I will keep you safe (from you-know-what.. heehee..)

Supper at Geylang's 豆浆油条.. Nice Food, though their standard dropped drastically over the years. =)

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