Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A day filled with priceless treasures!!

I had a really exciting day. A day that I found treasures!

Early morning, I was excited to receive a friendster request from a long lost friend. Someone whom I have been thinking on and off. And from there, everything sparks in lovely patterns.

I found my treasures of my Primary Sch.. (Qihua Primary, i study in 2 pri sch.. ;p But in Qihua for 5 yrs...)

I found...
- Lilian Ng
- Yen Chiu
- Xue Ling
- Wu feng
- Yuanting
- Dingyao

I've lost touch with them for 15 yrs! Though I saw 2 in NTU, I really miss the rest whom I couldnt find. I tried friendster, technorati, etc, but.. no avail.... Finally!!

What made them so special to me? Or rather why we are special..
1) We studied in a singapore primary sch dominated by Malaysians. (>90% Malaysians)
2) We bring passports to school everyday.
3) We dont get punished for being late, no matter how late.
4) We knew how to cross the checkpoint ourself at the tender age of 6 without parental guidance.
5) We see lorries of pigs transported via the causeway.
6) We all (usually) either belonging to 'Micky mouse' or 'Superman'
7) We (die die) cannot miss school bus.
8) We are Malaysians who cant speak Malay.
9) We can drop off in the middle of the causeway bridge and walk to the checkpoint with all the motorcycles and motorcars zooming past us. We were only primary sch kids then.
10) We were such brave kids.

For so much we went through, we just want a good education that our parents gave us an opportunity. And God gave the opportunity for us to meet, for us to cuddle on to one another during all these difficult times.

I so much want to rekindle the friendships. But I'm sorry that I couldnt rem most guys. I think I do not have a liking for guys when I was young. Hahaaa!!

I love how this day went. Even a grp msn chat feels so warm!! Really!! And I felt so blessed and loved. Xue Ling's call came very warm too. I love calls!! ;p Everyone of them is so special to me.

I moved to SG while they were still in MY. I remember most of them writes me letters. Like Lilian, Xueling, Yuanting, Wufeng, Jacq, etc... And I always saves up my pocket money to purchase telephone cards to call them from public phones.

In fact, I'm still in the state of shocked. I never thought I could have them back. Fate. Thank God.

I was still complaining to God that life has been a little boring recently, not enough new friends. So this grp of old-new friends just SWARM in... Thank God..

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