Monday, September 10, 2007


My first charity run this coming Sunday!!!

Run For Hope @ Sentosa!!!

4km run... Hope I can survive.. Haha.. I'm so used to jogging the tracks. It has been years since I jog on normal ground. The last time was like back in NTU where I jog 179's route? Jogging on normal pavement ground is so much more shiong than the tracks. Ewww..

Life will be busy for the coming week. Meeting secondary sch pals for her 'wedding prep'/'Hen's party prep' (!!!), watch movie (!!!), jogging (!!!) to train for the charity run, cell (maybe), service, charity run (!!!)... Happening heh... ;p

And even work issues are catching up... Bleah.....

I think I need to organise my stuff again. I didnt bother to do up a 'to-do' list like I used to for the past few yrs. And I realise that I've been procrastinating my stuff so often. Should really do up a 'to-do' list in my organiser and get myself organised!!!

Yawn.. Everyone is singing praises of Ratatouille~ But I cant seem to squeeze a time for it..

Lalalalalala.... Been doing GB game marathon... Earning some meal credits. Hahaha! ;p

I wanna get some high end bags.. Anyone going US or Europe???? Brrrrr.....

Back to work now.. *whhhoooooopp*

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