Thursday, October 04, 2007

Min's Hens Party!! (2007 09 29 - 2007 09 30)

In the past, we did not have a gadget call digital camera. So when we were young, we didnt have lots of memories to physically and visually keep. We decide to do an expired 'replay'. So.....

We changed in public...

Really fun!! We were thinking of wearing our JC uniforms, since we all went to different JCs.

Besides the people in the picture, we do miss you as a school. We werent from what top notch secondary school. In fact, we were one of the bottoms. We still miss you, for all the memories. Your physical closure doesnt put the memories away. Memories are always in the heart. =)

You'll be deeply missed. :)

And we headed down to Hotel Intercontinental..

And out for fun!!!

Down to Ministry of Sound (MOS)

The next morning!


Great companionship. Wonderful Hen's Party. Blessed marriage my dear friend, Min!!

Friends Forever. :)


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