Sunday, January 13, 2008

I tried to be as saintly and holy as possible. But sometimes, I do get turn off too..

Or maybe it is the PMS getting in the way.. RAAHHH...

SK2 stinks big time. Their so-called Pitera is super stinky! The chemical name for the Pitera is Saccharomycopsis FERMENT Filtrate. Now you know why SK2 stinks!! But to be frank, it works! *pinch nose and continue to use FERMENT on my face*

If you wanna get New Year/Chinese NY/Valentine/Good Friday prezzie for me, you can get me vouchers from Isetan (preferred), Taka, Metro, or wherever that sells skincare. I will love you. Hahaa!!!

I managed to sold off some skincare I dont use anymore. I sold 2 moisturiser for S$30 off yahoo auctions!! I'm gonna post more of the items I dont use up and get some cashback!!

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