Monday, January 21, 2008


When the infection happens to be your eye, you know you have to stay in. What would you do?
A) Insist that you should go to work. (But end up been banished back home)
B) Sleep (And put weight)
C) Read a book (and infect the book)
D) Reply emails (from the girlies)
E) Do some shopping (and infect pple around)
F) Play Facebook (and win lots of munni)

Ahhh... Why is 2008 so 'eventful' negatively? Or should I put it as 'viral-ful'? It is just 15 working days in 2008 and this is my 5th MC. I've infected 4 persons at work. 2 of whom my close colleagues are seriously infected. One of whom on MC for 3 days last week. Another is puking, coughing and will be on MC tmrw. Now I wonder how many more I'm going to infect this time.

I'm still coughing, and my rib cage hurts as a result...

Sigh.. What a way to start 2008...

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Yi Hui said...

Cmon, sleeping burns calories and it's good for beauty and health. I think you should just stay away from work until you're totally well so you don't infect other people anymore (or be bombarded by infections from others as well).
Maybe you should watch comedies! Laughter will help your immune system!