Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

I realised I've been blogging on lower frequency.. No specific reason, but plainly lazy to.

And I seem to have run out of topic to blog on. Now, I'm comptemplating the following which I can add to my blog:
1) Product reviews - Skincare, Makeup, Health products
2) Sharing God's words - I will try. But not confident in doing so.
3) Feature a friend - Especially the singles. Maybe I may hitch up a couple.
4) Take more pictures - Just like the posts I used to write. Means I've to bring my Canon around.

I'll probably do item 1 and item 4.

It takes 3 hours to write this shortie post. I dont understand why.

I really think I age tremendously over the years. *sigh*

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