Thursday, February 05, 2009


I'm too tired to blog that I just decide to write in short sentences randomly.


1) I'm working less than 10 days this month (Feb).
2) I'm probably not having any work days next month (Mar).
3) I can't decide what to do from 830am - 530pm.
4) If I received work to do during working hours, I'm super happy. (Like a data review today)
5) I revived my portable HDD and found many things that I could watch.
6) For this CNY, I conclude I only have $16 as ang pows. To be precise, one from my company and another from visit to friend's house.
7) I need to find more Mahjong khakis (probably colleagues) to play small amount mahjong during the days I'm not working.
8) I'm welcoming any part time work that is available.
9) Canteen food is getting so bad that I bought 3 cup noodles from NTUC today.
10) I hasn't run for 3 freaking months.
11) I finally had wisdom tooth. And few days later, another came.
12) One of the wisdom tooth made me popped panadol every night and I'm still popping.
13) The other one isn't affecting me because the molar beside it has already extracted due to tooth decay.
14) I'm VERY thrifty recently. The most expensive buy is probably a HDD casing to replace my faulty one which costs S$25 and it looks pretty!
15) I've got lots of blings, but I can't decide what gadget I want to bling.
16) I hope that everyone, especially my technicians, came tide over this crisis. Hang on!
17) The current crisis is like a case of survivor. The fittest and the toughest survive. It is especially true in the industry I am in.
18) I've counted and realised that with my boss imposition of either my GL or me has to be around at any one time, I only get to see my GL 1 day in Feb and ZERO day in Mar. I'll probably see him in Apr if we ain't retrenched yet.
19) I'm getting depressed when 830am - 530pm is so hard to pass.
20) I think I need to do something about my life.

Thats all...

I'll make sure I'll blog more often. But the news reported that blogging is passe. Some twitter thing is the IN thing now.

Oh well.......

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