Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello BD

After the goodbye HOYA, now its the hello BD.

It is tough to wake up as early as 545am. Surely, I can adjust. Give me a few days.

First day is good. Nice GL, nice colleagues, nice technicians, and many many nice ones. Steep learning curve and right attitude. A very good start.

I thank God for everything little thing that seems so right in place. And thank God for such a 'made-to-measure' job He has blessed upon me.

As usual, I don't disclose any job-related stuff on my blog, the only thing I show is probably my employee card. Since the id number is a global identification number, it has been blanked off. And the only sad thing is that I look damn 'chui' today due to bad hair day and lack of enough sleep. Of all days, they have to take a picture of me today and place it in my employee card. -.-''' Maybe I should have done a SK2 mask and look more glowy today. Or blow my hair to avoid bad hair day.

Hello BD!

I need a good sleep tonight for a stronger tmr!

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