Tuesday, May 05, 2009


In engineering field, you always meet contractors. But most contractors are dedicated to focus on certain industry. 

So lets take a peep at this contractor, Ken. 

I first met him in my first job. I was then in an aerospace industry related company. He was helping in one of the projects.

At my second job (Hoya), it was coincidental enough to be my contractor too. He spotted me when I was doing some stuff along the driveway. (which is not frequent) I was then in hard disk media industry.

Today, someone came up to me and ask if I was from Hoya. And it was him again. I am now in medical industry. 

To meet the same person at 3 different companies of totally not related industry is what I call fate. *Amazed*


Sherline said...

JX, which Ken is this? Do I know him?

Jing Xian said...

Yes yes. The one who does aluminum profile for Uniwes projects. Rem?

And one of my superior was from Hamilton Sunstrand last time.

Sherline said...

U mean the Ken from M'sia?

Who's that Sundstrand guy?