Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Review

2009 indeed been an exciting year. A year with new challenges, new opportunities, new/rekindled friendships, and new direction. Love it so very much!

The year started with stormy unfavorable economy turbulence. Offered golden handshake. Painfully volunteered as I know many of my loved colleagues will do so. Parting is not easy. Really!

One of the last group photos we took before Emily left for Aussie. A very treasured group of people. Always in my heart. Always. The knowledge shared, joy and laughter, anger and sorrows, are memories of my life's best moments.

It was later a 1.5 months of idling. If not for this friend, I could have been hell bored. Thanks girl, for all the joy, laughter, and all the encouragement. You kept me going in a way. All the best for your someone new! ;pp

God kindly blessed me with 2 job offers. Something which made me ponder how God provides everything for my best interest. He provided me not only one offers, but two. Both are US firms rated in the fortune 500 league. The one I rejected is a world well known beverage maker - Coca Cola. Not that I dislike the offer, in fact, I super love the product (i.e. Coke) and the interviewers are great fun people. But the other offers vast exposure and opportunity. For this wonderful blessing, I can't thank God enough.

There is no other thing better than to complete 2 half marathons this year! Woohoo! More and more next year!

Lastly, Business trip alone is not easy. So much for looking out for your flight, looking for the hotel, personal belongings, to make sure of internet connection for accessing work emails, trying to get around in a place you've never been before all alone. And SO MUCH SO MUCH for beating the COLD COLD weather. And SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH for convincing the client. I did it. Not I, but with God's favor.

To end the great year, it was a good time in Paris with a buddy.

My 2009 is a pleasant blast! How was yours?

Walk with life has been so wonderful because of the supportive family and friends around. Thanks all for the favor I see in your eyes and the love and support you always render. Life is great!

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