Friday, December 04, 2009

I know I haven't update this space for a long long long long time. Time flies in November as lovely times past faster than usual.

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Brussels Airport Sheraton Hotel

Food for day 1... Goose Liver~

Work work!

Tasty treat from the customer!

Day out to Brussels City

Brussels City

The pic Qing took when we were at opposite platform. Me leaving for home. She continue her Europe trip!

A really happy picture. Because it is really happy to see a friend in faraway land. It simply fills the cold weather with warmth. Lovely!

The summary of the trip:
- Well done for work. Learnt a lot. Experienced a lot. Managed to convince customer on several issues.
- Testing my independence to another level.
- Lovely Paris trip with good buddy, even if it is one day.

Lastly, I'm so broke. So so so BROKE!

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