Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lost memories

For the past one year, blogging has been a less than important of my life. Life has been busy with a variety of God's blessings. And with the deteriorating English due to lack of reading and minimal usage at work, the passion to write doesn't seem to bring forth new post.

But for the past year, there are so many nice travels at work. There are 3 business trips to South Korea, of which 2 I extended. One business trip to Europe, extending it to London. One leisure trip to Japan. And one leisure trip to Scandinavian countries in Europe. All of which I did not blog about, which I kinda regret.

Am reversing it, and will do the blogging of this travels. Had hop over to livejournal for a while, but am still more comfortable with blogspot functions. So.. I am back.. and collecting the lost memories. :)

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