Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reflections 2012

Its the end of year 2012. The year I turned 30. The year with varied emotions. 

1. I haven't been really consistent if you ask me for a honest reply. 
2. I was baptised this year. :) 

1. Swimming is on-and-off. Running stopped almost completely. 
2. No major health issues. As usual, no sick leave this year. 
3. Ageing continues.

1. The house wiped clean everything. Now, I'm starting to build savings from scratch. 
2. Good increment helps. 

1. There are ups and there are downs. 
2. I need my share of challenges.
3. My current bores me quite a bit.

1. Generally, relationships were maintained. 
2. Some misunderstandings occur.

1. Switzerland business trip was good. The bonding between colleagues is priceless. 
2. US is a little disappointing. But still, the shopping is best on earth. 

1. Reading is slow, probably less than 8 books this year.

All in all, the year has been rather plain. I wished for more. And hopefully in 2013, I will accomplish more.

Good bye 2012.

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