Thursday, May 12, 2005

Eternal Memories that I want to preserve - NTU / Hall 6

The journey is coming to an end. 16 years of formal education is reaching its fullstop in no time. There are so many memories I wish to pen down before they start to fade as time passes. Memories of my primary, secondary, JC and NTU/Hall 6 are so precious. And by writing them here, I hope they can become eternal memories.. Memories that I wish to treasure for life!

I shall start with my life in NTU and Hall 6. This 4-year period saw me grew.. grew a little daily.. And the many friends I made, how I get to know them, how they made impact in my life.. I have so much so much in mind and I do not know when I can finish writing. But I want to preserve these memories.

It is so sad to leave a place. A place where one has spent 4 years as 2nd (or was it 1st) home. A place where I so wish I could stay longer but I knew I have to move on. The sadness of leaving this wonderful land is so immense. I didn't know I will have such strong emotions. I didn't know I love this place so much.

I really did. I love NTU. I love Hall 6.

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