Sunday, May 22, 2005

This is where I shall start.. UOC - Union Orientation Camp..

My first encounter with NTU is the UOC - Union Orientation Camp.

2001 - Late June/Early July
Prior to any affliation with NTU, UOC is my first step into knowing the school better. My very first character - Liang Qirong. Mr Qirong is the person who inform me about the camp, what I am supposed to bring, what to expect of the camp, how we are meeting for the camp, etc. He left me a pretty good impression.

Indeed, he turn out to be a very nice chap. I called himwhen I reach Boon Lay, meeting up with my group mates, have some short intro, the usual games, etc. When all the group members arrived, we proceeded on bus 199, heading to NTU. We landed in Hall 10 and started the 'checking-in'. My room-mate was Brina.. a very nice lady~ (And ooh, I forgot to introduce the grp members). My GL is Adrian Chye. Seniors include Chen Wei, PeiHan, Qirong.. (Some whom I really forgot their names) My grp members are Grace Zheng, Hazel Tong, Yenting, Brina, Witty... (and more, whom I remember their faces, but not their names) And our group name is..Vilberth.. =)

We had first few days of camp in school.. I cant exactly remember what we played...the usual games I guess.. Let me name some of the more memorable games.

Candle fight - I was partnered with Qirong. We had candles and lighting stations. Basically it is a very rough game...and a very long one. But we played with pose and patience. We didnt win in the end, but we managed not to lose badly. During the final round, we were kicked out, but we dun mind and ended sitting at one corner chit-chatting (our all time favourite! haha!)

Orchard Hunt - I can't remember the actual name for this. But the games are all in town and we have to go to each station. Since some incidents, this activity has been banned and eventually, I forgot the name for this game. I was quite enjoyable, but it was drizzling that day.

Ghost Walk - My first ghost walk in my entire life. Quite scary as the setting is at Sentosa, on an eerie Thursday night. But everything seems alright.. The dragon trail was alright. But the prison cells were really scary!! Probably because of the setting.. The worn and old cells..with dried leaves everywhere. The place was further 'enhanced' by joss sticks, incense paper, scary sounds by the seniors.. Eeeriee... And I rem Adrian was one of 'acting ghost' in the prison cell..and he was nice.. but i guess he was tired.. haha.. phew..

Form Party!! - Form Party's fun!!! Never gonna forget my 1st form party.. its so so fun!!! though its a bit soapy! hahaha.. Had a great nice that day! Form Party by Sentosa's really cool~ Yah.. forgot to mention..our last 3 days were spent in a chalet in Sentosa.. Cool~ And yah, we won the guy's manhunt and Grace won 'best freshie' of the camp! Cool group yah~

We end the camp by having a group lunch at World Trade.. It was a nice opening to my NTU life. The friends I have made.. Although most are english speaking and are in Acc course, they are really nice and great buddies - dependable and nice...

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