Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another usual day. But I just got my pay! My tuition pay. Its only $100 bucks only. Because the other $100 is with agent! Hrmp! What to do. Sigh. But better than nothing yah. No updates on job hunting also. SIANZ.

My skin's peeling from the sunburn! The peeling's not painful. The painful stage, for me, was the initial stage where my shoulders keep letting out heat that he has absorbed during the day. That hurts!! But now, it's just black, 'chao-ta-ed', and peeling.

See the two tones? And the yucky peeling?

Got plans for friday. From JC classmates. But not sure if i do wanna go, cause I'm broke. I'm still considering. I have $200 bucks to survive every month. $100 for my bills - Internet and HP. I'm very broke. Sigh. I hope I can find a job real soon. I really hope.


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