Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm back from a 6-day camp. (or rather a 7-day) I wouldn't consider it fun, cause I wasn't playing. But I did enjoy myself at certain programs. ;p Ok, here it goes..

Monday (18-07-2005)
Reached school at about 2pm, buying food from jp for Nick and Mel. Shortly after, Gab was asked to buy some stuff for her sports comm with Justin. And thus, I am dragged to go also. I dun mind actually. Social Games and dance were boring stuff. And the last for the whole day. I ended up helping sports comm do their stuff. heez.

Tuesday (19-07-2005)
It rained heavily and its sports activities the whole day. They had to improvise their games to suit the weather. My time was spent at the registration counter chatting with the oldies. Afternoon, I spotted a seconday sch classmate of mine, Henry. He's moving into Hall6 through soccer. I helped him with the cleaning and stuff, and happy to see an old friend. =) At night was goonies night. Helped in a makeup, but didn't really please Cheelip's. He look like a clown.(but probably, he already had that clown face, not because of my makeup. haha) Me and gabby spent early. We had a great night's sleep.

Wednesday (20-07-2005)
QET in the morning. Joint hall concurrently. The T-shirts they're wearing were so sweet! Pastel pink and pastel blue! I think the whole thing looks nice, but i was too lazy to go. Photohunt in the afternoon. But whole day, again, was spent lazing comfortably at registration counter. 'Entertainment' was provided, courtesy of Zhongrui, Yunshuang, Cheelip, Yaohui, Nick, Esmond, etc. Another sec sch classmate, Guanda pass by Hall 6. Can u imagine the coincidence? He was the least expected to appear. I didnt know he got into ntu. And of course, I'm expected to work rather than spending my time in hall right? What a way to meet an unexpected friend. Sometimes, I believe in fate. Like how coincident that Henry was oulled into Hall 6 to play soccer. Huijing called me, asking me if I'm interested in recruitment consultant job. I admit that I'm desperate. When she called, I really do want to secure a job, be it any job. But when I agree for an interview, I was standing on a dilemma. I got v.confused. I have to admit sales is not my cup of tea. I was swayed by the fact that I need a job. I agreed for an interview the very next day. Special was as usual, just with a lot more casualties and I sounded the alarm of junwei's car. -_-''

Thursday (21-07-2005)
Interview in the morning. I guess I did pretty ok. But the personality test was a bit unapprehensive for the 3rd set. Hack. I'm still at crossroads. Being rejected is better than being accepted in this case. I came bk hall, took and nap and decide on what to do. After some planning and discussion with Gab and Paw, we decided to go to ECP but not camping there. Paw didnt what to as she has work the very next day. Gab doesnt like the idea of camping. I'm alright with almost anything. We met Paw and reached ECP at about 8. Shaozhen was already there. The program is SP and it lasted for 3 hrs. I have to say that Edwin and reallt drag time. SP for 3 hrs !! New record ya. Later was cab back hall. And soon, 330am.

Friday (22-07-2005)
Took Aaron's car to ECP. He's down with fever, really sick. And its so paiseh to get him drive 2 of us there. Sigh. We reached on time. I was doing a station, helping Alex. And i just stood shortly in the sun. Before i could do anything, I was sun-burnt. I realised that when I was back in hall bathing. And the scariest thing happened that day is melvin!! He's got some 'i-dunno-what' and his face's swelling terribly. He really looks scary. Every1 is pushing him to visit the doctor but he sounds hesitant. He definitely need a jab for that! A strong jab if he insist on going Master Dinner that very night. Thats the worst thing to happen on somebody. But very glad that after the jab, he is perfectly alright. The night was Master Dinner at Beboz - Wenkai's place. Many seniors turned up. One of the most missed senior is definitely Jan. I havent seen her for ages! She's getting prettier for sure! And I was so excited with the Fame Awards. I didnt know being a super senior is so fun there!! I will be there next yr!! Heez.. And I took some pictures with Germ. Here are the pics!

I had a wonderful nice dinner. Meeting good old friends are the best thing on earth. Even meeting acquaintance makes me feel pleasant, coz I know they are safe and sound.

Saturday (23-07-2005)
I have to give West Coast a miss. I managed to open my eyes, but I cant get my body to move out of the bed. I ended up surfing internet in Gab's room. heez. I went lunch with Shaozhen at Can 1. I always feel talking to this friend of mine is great! We can share almost everything, even the private ones. We started our yaking-yak from lunch, to pool, to mud-digging, to dinner, to cheer fight, to station games, to bathing, and everything. A person whom share perspective in a good manner. We both understand each others stand and accept it. A special hall friend I would regard. As usual, I wasn't able to make it through then end of initiation and I slept, till the next day.

6 days just few past me w/o any notice. Hugging gabby to sleep was better than expected. I tot it'll be quite cramp. But it turn out quite alright. Though the best is one bed per person, we did sleep well enough to survive the day. ;p Thanks my dear gab!

Sunday was home time. Emotions seems to be crawling up to me for a reason I don't know. Probably, I still prefer living in solitary. And the hall suits the kind of life - solitude yet community. But I have had my 4 years. I have to look forward. Btw, I left my hp charger at school. Grr.. I need to use nokia for some time le.


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