Friday, July 29, 2005

Hmm, I do have stuff to fill this entry, though no pictures. Yesterday, was pondering over whether I shld go for the pageant preview at Rouge. And after Nick asking me if I'm going, and asking the opinion of others, my initial 'not-going' swayed to 'going'. Yes, I'm someone who is very easily affected, for anything fun. I guess I'm deprived of it since birth and thats y i try to grab every chance, within my budget that is. And the 'going' decision was made complete with Aaron and Melvin being my company (but Melvin was 'swayed' to be with his missed Rika eventually). We were actually the first to arrive! But I want to be the first to leave, thats why. I have something on the very next day early morning. The pageant contestants look pretty good. But the MC is helleva lousy. He's damn boring. And considering the fact that he is paid $800 for this kind of service! Grr... Henry and weizhou were there too. And I'm glad that they blend with the pple quite well. I left pretty early, right after the end of pageant preview. I didnt even bother to play the games. It was too boring for me to carry on. I left with Aaron who went home to get his car to drive back hall.

This morning was a disaster. I shall not mention it.

Back home, was talking to melvin. He was telling me how happening Rouge was last night. He told me the girls are really open. They can really do close contact clubbing dance, Woohoo! I bet the guys have a good time!! Too bad! I shld have stayed longer! Grr... hahaha...

My grren Nalgene water bottle is proclaimed MISSING! God knows where it is. I miss my bottle!!

I'm collecting my camera soon! Yeah.. Finally its going to be in my hands. Its costing me $530.. Sigh.. *broke*

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