Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm finally done with my purchases of eye solutions and stuff. They cost me abt $30! Sigh. Thats a great disadvantage of short-sighted pple. We have our money spent on contact lens stuff and specs. Grr. If only I have taken care of my eyes. If only.. If only..

I was flipping through some stuff and I found this. My Pre-Primary record book!!

Here are the pics of the card. I did badly for Art and Music. Haha. I'm not an Arts person! haha!! I've got full score in Discipline and Recognition of colours! and my grade was 91/100 for Chinese. But grade D for english. Erm, I guess, I was v.lost then. Maybe a bit stupid also. And I liked my weight. It was only ard 21-24kg then. THEN! PASSE! All those were historic. Back in the days of 1988...

My employment depends on tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

Tmr is a v.eventful day. Eventful in a way that I have many things to do. But i can only choose one at a time. I dunnoe what to choose. It depends on the outcome in the morning. I hope its something positive. I pray.

My finances are reaching me to the max. I see my next 5-10 years a tough one. I'm damn stressed with my finances. And I mean very very very very stressed. I pray.


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