Saturday, August 06, 2005

I'm lagging in my post not because I'm lazy. I'm involved in too many things that keep me away from having a gd rest time in front of my comp to do this. I had a happening 3 days. Here it goes.

Making my way to an engineering firm early in the morning. By 10am, I confirmed my employment. Yes, I'm employed!! Shaozhen will be my colleague!! It definitely sound fun to have her around. We always have topics to keep everything going. I'm finally able to apply for my PR. Finally. I felt a sense of relief. I felt more sense of security. I guess.. I'm a person who needs v.high level of security. Prolly since young, I had been living with v.high level of insecurity and uncertainty. I dont know what will happen tomorrow. I worry if tomorrow will come. I worry where I belong the very next moment. And this employment given me security, in some sense. It unknowingly secures me. And I like this feeling of security.

And yes, I met an old old friend on my way at Doubt Ghaut MRt station. She's Wanli. She's beaming with a wonderful smile when she spotted me. We haven't seen each other for like..2 years? Once a v.close buddy... Now, still, emotionally. Sometimes u just need to know you have a friend in someone. You needn't be physically close with that person. She's such a person to me. And I actually have my camera with me, but was too excited that I forgot to whip it out to take some snap shots with her! Grr.. Dumb!

My day on thursday did not just end here. I went back hall to enjoy myself. Its the 'ONS'. Though the program's damn boring, its the friends and buddies that made the trip fun. And of course, the geylang 'dou hua'. Who can resist that. I recall the fun times I had when I was a freshie. I rem the ONS then was so fun! We had 'Laserquest' for the 1st part of the trip. After which, we went many places.. Holland Village, Newton Circus, etc.. It was so fun then.. Now, its kinda short.. just 2 stops and back we go. The bus trip was fun.. because of friends actually... =) And here's a pic! heez

Was expecting myself to go home.. cause i'm 'date-less' for the day. But i do have some things i need to get. I did a tour in NTU too.. and caught some friends in the North Spine. So after some arrangements, i left school with gabby who will be meeting another friend. We headed to Bugis and there she meet her friend and me, to my shopping. I was shopping at OG and my hp..'ring ring...' haha.. Its Ms Blackie! She has no plans for the night and intend to ask if Ms Whitey(thats me) is available. I'm definitely is. Shopping at G2000 spend me a $75. Its 50% off.. who can resist? Moreover, I need formal clothes. I bought a cute skirt too. But Mum was complaining about my big tighs.. Grr.. Shall wear it some day. haha.. Dinner at Ajisen Ramen... nice noodle.. I had Tom Yam Ramen.. Yummy... And catching up with her is great! She's my greatest buddy! Some skincare shopping and soon.. we were off back home. Thats like 10pm already.. heez..

What initially planned was a photoshoot session in school with the Seagaters, but it was already cancelled some days back. But I made appointment with Gabby.. what can girls do? Retail Therepy. And it does not need a reason for doing the retail therepy. Before meeting her, did a haircut to trim it nicely. We shopped at Bugis initially.. And I bought a shoe.. a cute sweet one.. here is it.. heez.. looks a bit princessy.. haha..

And after which, we went Suntec.. I had another shopping at Carrefour... spending another $30 for necessity.. Gab was looking for a bag (nothing unusual for her though). And we decide to make a U-turn.. back to Bugis again.. But we finally decide on that bag! And its 20% off.. good bargain.. and i grabbed a Mascara too... Vain is the word thats keep catching me.. heh.. Another day home at 10pm.. *tired*

There's nothing I wish to lament.. except the fact that I'll be broke for this 2 months...

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