Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mood Meter --> B+

Yesterday's work was pretty alright, except from some naggings and rantings from boss. He's also one of my moltivation to quit my job. But for now, tolerance is the best medicine. Btw, we had a free medical checkup yesterday. I'm still normal, little low BP (nothing new for me..) and have to work on my body fats. But well, the whole office workers have to work on it to be precise. Haha..

After work, it was outing with SZ. First, her insurance agent came to fetch her for a discussion on more insurance plans that she might be interested. And I tagged along. The plan's premium weren't as expensive as I thought they were, and some health shield plans were through cpf. Sounds cool.. I have not seriously plan mine, but in a year's time, I might hv to start planning. Now, everything's still in a mess.

Shopping was on the 'to-do' list for our 'agenda' yesterday. I wasn't having very high urges to get stuff, though I have a few things I wish to get. Probably next week you can spot me in town or something.

Wah~ All the sweetie tops.. A belt and a necklace.. ALL NOT MINE.. shaozhen's.. Haha!

Shaozhen's bright smile after conquering Bugis Street and my tired look.. ;p

Homed at 11+

Today's a resting day at home. For once, in one month, I have one day at home. I seem to be going out almost every weekend. I'm giving my body, my soul, a well-deserved rest...

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