Monday, August 29, 2005

Mood Meter --> B

I didn't suffer much Monday Blues today. I was pretty much a normal day. I'm immuned to such life, which I dun hope to turn out this way.

Boss mentioned to my colleague that I'm soft-spoken. I have to agree with that. I think my voice has its limits. But I guess my soft-spoken was made more obvious under comparison with the trumpets in office. SZ is always loud and firm in her approach in doing things, which is something I admire. You'll nv spot her mumbling.. Another girl is simply toooo looouuud.... They all camouflaged my weeny bit voice. Moreover, I'm still at a 50% full of questions marks of the things going around. I've been doing paperwork and stuff, but I totally don't mind. Afterall, they have a project due very very very soon and I believe my intrusion will cause more time delay.

I got my 3/4 month pay today. I suspect I cant splurge on stuff. After some consideration, I suspect I might be not able to continue working in this co after probation, and I think saving them is a definitely a better way.

I hope my tuition kid's gonna pay me my fees. He owe me since last week. If he isn't gonna pay up, thats it. It will be the last lesson with him and I'll take my deserved $250 and get my ass off. I hate pple who owe tuition fees. I've heard so many cases though I havent really encounter one. But I'm firm at such things. And thats the reason why I dun like to owe pple money.


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Sherline said...

haha... I din know I am so loud to be comparable to the "trumpet". haha.... Dun worry abt work. you will pick up, slowly...