Saturday, August 20, 2005

Today's Rating --> B+++

Its another tiring day. Waking up early at 830am on a saturday morning, dressing myself in formal wear before I leave to meet my Seagaters dearies for breakfast at causeway pt's BK. Its my first time having BK's breakfast. I had "breakfast king", it was quite nice. ;p Chatted till 1115 before we leave to meet the rest at 179 Busstop.

It was pouring, so we have to give Yun Nan Garden a miss... But we try to take what we have missed.. ;p

This is the reward. A reward everybody waited for after many years of studying. But it can only bring u this far. From now and for ever, its meaningless. Our pay check, our promotion, all depends on performace. Rat Race.

Today's a fun day, with my Seagaters dearies. I love them all despite what have happened in the past.

I hate this feeling. The feeling of wanting to quit my current job. I see no prospects, I see nowhere I'm heading. All these might not matter since I'm just a fresh graduate. BUT the pay sucks big time. To be frank, my job pays about 2k. After cpf, about 1.6k. I pay study loan at $600 per month, contribute another $600 to family, I'm left with damn peanuts. Can someone please teach me how to survive this way... I still have to cope with daily expenses and transportation fees. Its just 2 weeks of work and I sense my lagging in the rat race. I'm losing dearly in the race. My friends are like getting 2.6k.. After OT, they can clock like a 3.5k per month. WTF am I doing with my pathetic 2k with NO OT PAY!! Darn!! If I wasnt so desperate then. But I'm desperate. Face it. But I promise myself I'm not going to lose out. I want to get my 1st credit card by Dec 2005. I want to reach a 3k salary by June 2006. I will continue to do my job search intensively. I want to win this race. I want to be a high-flyer.

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