Friday, August 19, 2005

Today's Rating --> B+

Weekend's here! WOOHOO~~ Now, I totally understand why working peeps treasure weekends so so much! Its like after one week of work, you simply look forward to weekend to meet up with friends, chill out, yakky-yak with friends or meeting love ones. Even if it means sacrificing sleep. To me, it is worth it, unless I'm so so so freaking tired.

Yesterday wasnt any special day, so I didnt bother to blog.

Hmm, today was quite well-spent. Wore my cutie skirt to work with my heels. I has been long since I last wore them. But I guess I'm getting used to heels. And I probably wouldn't mind wearing them to work in future. Work is going well, though I forsee tons of OT coming really really really soon. I'm so unsure in this job. Unsure if I will stay long. Prob cause Swnee mention that she might be able to intro me a job in Hoya. I somehow quite swayed into the idea. I think the pay is one pull factor. Not v.high, but definitely able to provide me enough, at least for a bit of shopping during weekends. With my current salary, my budget will be v.tight. I can't bear to leave SZ, she's my pull factor in my current job. *sighz*

Boss gave us a treat today! Among the dishes, I like the crab, butter prawns and 'drunk prawns'. The drunk prawns amuse me most. They initially wanted to 'live-cook' them, but after request, they decide to kill them slightly before they pour them into the pot in front of our eyes. They pour the prawns into tupperware with some liquor and shake them vigourously to make them 'seh'. Then pour them into a pot of soup (with liquor too). The soup taste nice! The prawns taste great too.

There are only 3 girls in the company.. What to do.. Engineering firm mah...

Tmr's going to be a happening day!! I'm going to wake up by 8am (grr! on a sat morn!!), leave hse by 9am, reach causeway by 930am. I'm meeting Ivan, RP, Annie, Des and Swnee for breakfast at BK. After which, we will head to NTU to collect our degree and at the same time, taking convo pictures (again!!). Yah, so whats new right..convo pics..but think this is the last time. I guess after photo-taking, will be shopping with Ms Blackie.. ;p I wish myself a happening weekend!! Haha!

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