Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today's Rating --> B---

Things are picking up their momentum, but I'm suffering "Tuesday's Blue", a symtom similar to "Monday's Blues", however, less intense. Moreover, I am having tuition tonight which makes things more sian. It is not that I dun like teaching tuition, but teaching a subject which is not my forte is making it disgusting. But for the money.. *sighs* Alright, today shld be happier with the idea tt i'm getting my tuition pay today.. *grinz*

I'm hoping my handphone will ring again. The waiting...

My Rating is turning to triple negative (---).. My student didnt pay me my tuition fees! And that means..I have to survive my $50 note for one week.. till the next week I get the pay!!! How to survive? $30 for transport and.. $20 for food and miscellaneous? -_-''' I have no more mobile funds. $50 is what I really really left. Please teach me how.. how to survive... I've came out with a plan... minimise food intake.. consume more water... My plan is.. a $2 budget for lunch everyday.. a budget of $10 for blading on sunday.. Saturday's gonna tie myself at home.. That makes it a 'just-enough' situation... I'm pissed.. pissed with the situation.. I have no choice..

MSN nick--> [jingxian] Tuesday Blues.. Bless Shaozhen.. Si Bei Sian... *job hunting*

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