Monday, September 26, 2005

I tried this during work when I chance upon it at flowerpod. Getting a bit cranky. I guess its the Monday Blues. Haha.

Tmr's kinda the due of my project. Moving in my tanks in the morning. I guess its another outdoor day! ;p

Many friends facing break-ups recently. One of them having a long relationship of 7 years. Its going on towards stagnation. Not that they are breaking up soon, but they aren't moving towards marriage and keeping options open if anyone more suitable comes along. But 7 years of youth devoted to someone, but it turns out to be just an experience. Note: Experience and not experiences. But probably, the experience let you know better of what you want. But fate is funny. You don't know eventually. Afterall, what's more impt is the future ahead, whether you have chosen the right partner.

I chanced upon a phrase in the show 真情 yesterday.
"My parents made a mistake in falling in love. I should not follow them and choose a right partner that I really love."

It sounds so applicable to me. But the difference is.. my parents didn't fall in love. They fell in love with love. It was a mistake. Not quite in the mood of elaborating, but I do wish I have have a happy family in future, to compensate, at least myself, of my missing childhood, youth, kinship and love.

What Your Sleeping Position Says

You are calm and rational.
You are also giving and kind - a great friend.
You are easy going and trusting.
However, you are too sensible to fall for mind games.

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

You are Agonistic

You're not sure if God exists, and you don't care.
For you, there's no true way to figure out the divine.
You rather focus on what you can control - your own life.
And you tend to resent when others "sell" religion to you.

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