Saturday, September 24, 2005

I had a pretty satisfied day.

Went Funan during noon time before moving off to ECP. Found the camera shop that Merv is working, but he was too busy to notice my lingering outside the shop several occasions. Yong wanted to get a pair of blades last week when we accompanied Daphne to get hers. It was priced at $250 then. But its $350 today. A mistake by the management. He should hv bought it last week. Procrastination is the word. A mistake everyone makes. But regret is the word that comes to your mind before procrastination occurs. They come hand in hand. For me, it occurs usually during shopping trips. Haha~

Went out with Huijun after blading. Its one of the rare times that she 'jio' pple out. We saw Daphne at City hall too. Its such a pity that Xingni can't join us. We have so much to gossip, though only on one person, that we changed the venue from Cityhall to Orchard to Bishan to accompany Xingni back while we can gossip along the way. Haha. Girls are girls. And, Huijun and I actually took a train back to Orchard as we are kinda tired of Bishan. That was 8pm.

Slight shopping plus dinner plus gossiping plus chilling out. Activity is not of importance. Companionship is important. Albeit simple activity you can have, a great companion can make things great. Thats how good friends sustain.

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