Friday, September 16, 2005

Its T.G.I.F. But things are not going well. Sianz! Early in the morning receive some crappy stuff in office. It happened to SZ. But I think if i had stayed longer, things will be equally bad or even worse for me.

W asked SZ: How come the tank and basket doesnt fit? How come the tank do till so small, cannot fit the basket?
T asked SZ: How come your basket so big? SO big how to fit into the tank.

SZ was so pissed. I also feel sian after hearing this. It means, the basket has to change or admend. It also means more drawing for me. I don't mind more drawings, but drawing the same thing with changes in only the dimensions is a v.sian and boring job. Darn sian. Tmr's saturday. I will buy The Straits Times and take a close detail look at the Recruit section. ;p

A WRX parked along the way... When can I earn enough to get me one? Hmm...
And not long later, we saw this lorry, with a sleeping driver. Maybe we can bribe him with his pic and earn come 'pocket money'. Haha~

This is SZ with her 'Inspection booth'. Haha. She's so proud of it and decide she shld take a pic with it! ;p

I argue that this actuator is dirty. Shaozhen argue that they just painted it. Then we realised, it is painted on one side and yet for the other. We were looking at 2 different sides. Haha~ So dumb!

The ultimate toilet/urinals. It stink hell!!! The most smelly I ever went was Hall 6 GUY's toilet. The girl's toilet in Hall 6 were quite alright, nothing stink whatsoever. Hall 6's GUY's toilet was so stinky that it block ur nose and you can't speak with that air(smell) inhaled. BUT this is the ultimate. You can die any second with any inhale of air within 10 meters from it. SZ and me wanted to vomit the moment we open the door of this when we heard water-leaking sound. Yucks! Its a heavy smell of dried-urine-left-unflushed-and-trapped-in-enclosed-for-several-days. You will puke with every breath you take. Eeks!!

I find this pic v.familiar. Its like one of those we took last week. Haha~ Same position, same pple. ;p

This is how we 'self-entertain a.k.a. 自爽 during work. Haha~

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